RJAP Archive

The Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology was first published in 1999, as Revista de Psihologie Aplicata. For 11 years, Revista de Psihologie Aplicata aimed at enriching the applied psychological knowledge in Romania.

In 2010, with the change of its official name to Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology, the journal shifted its focus from publishing Romanian-specific papers to publishing papers that are more relevant for the international comunity.

The RJAP archive contains the full-text version of all papers published in RJAP (since 2009), and the titles and abstracts of the paperst published before 2009. If you are interested in any of these papers, you can download it for free, or request a free copy by sending us an e-mail at paper.request@rjap.psihologietm.ro

Any correspondence regarding manuscript request can be also be sent to the Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology, Euroregional Center for Applied Psychology, Timisoara, Paris str., no. 1A, Timis County, Romania, 300003.

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