Submission Guide

Preparation of the manuscript

The journal publishes 2 issues per year (in June and in December). For the general preparation and structure of your manuscript, please consult please consult APA's Instructions for All Authors. Before submitting a paper to RJAP, please verify it using APA's Checklist for Manuscript Submission.

Articles must be in English, logically organized, clearly and competently written and argued. They may not exceed 30 double-spaced pages in length, including the cover page, abstract, references, tables and figures, using 12-point font. Manuscripts should include, on separate pages:

  • a cover page with the authors' names and affiliations , author contact details (e.g., the name and address of the author to whom correspondence should be sent, acknowledgments of support)
  • an abstract containing a maximum of 250 words, and up to five keywords
  • a cover letter with the assurance that the manuscript you submit is not under review elsewhere
  • For electronic submission of the manuscripts and general correspondence please send an email to Files can be sent in Microsoft Word, or as a PDF file

    Registered Reports (RRs) as a submission format

    How do RRs work: before conducting a study, authors can submit the Introduction and Methods section for peer review. If the study is in line with RJAP’s aims and scope, the editors will send the manuscript to reviewers (who will provide feedback on the proposed but not yet conducted study).

    After the review process is completed, the authors will receive one of the following decisions:

  • if reviewers consider that the report meets RJAP’s standards, the article will be accepted for publication (before the study has been conducted);
  • if the reviewers suggest any modifications, the authors can implement them and resubmit the report;
  • if the reviewers point out critical issues concerning the proposed research (e.g. flawed design, inconsistency between study aims and methods etc.), the report will be rejected.
  • The initial submission must also include an anticipated timeline for the research to be conducted and an anticipated date for manuscript submission. If the report is accepted for publication (with or without revisions), the authors will sign an agreement committing to submit the proposed research to RJAP and follow the anticipated timeline. The submitted manuscript (after the proposed research was conducted) should contain the same Introduction and Method sections as the initial submission, plus the new Results and Discussion sections. Once submitted, the manuscript will undergo the standard review process, in order to assure that the new sections are adequate as well.

    One important feature of RRs is that once the report is accepted, the article will be published regardless of the statistical significance of its findings. That is, of course, assuming the study was conducted exactly in the initially submitted manner. This format does not prevent authors to explore their data and present additional exploratory analyses. Pre-registration of a study solely communicates to readers which analyses are exploratory and which are confirmatory.

    The submission process

    Any correspondence regarding manuscript submission can be also be sent to the Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology, Euroregional Center for Applied Psychology, Timisoara, Paris str., no. 1A, Timis County, Romania, 300003.

    The Editor-in-chief and the Associate editors coordinate the Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology review process. The review process is blind (manuscripts are reviewed and are circulated without information about the authors), and usually takes around 30 days to complete. All manuscripts submitted to The Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology are undergo a standard plagiarism check. The Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology does not have any charges for processing or publishing the submitted articles .

    As member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology adheres to the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.

    Authors are encouraged to mention upon submission whether they are available as a reviewer for RJAP.

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